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    Pick up the car yourself! Download the AUTOCOM GO app
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    New cars You will always only get a new and maintained car
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    No hidden fees Everything is transparent and visible
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    No airport taxes No fees required
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    Convenient booking You can conveniently book and cancel your reservation free of charge
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    Customer service You will receive customer and technical service 24/7
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    Deposit from 0 Eur When ordering additional insurance, the deposit is 0 EUR
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    No worries Hassle-free car rental



Helps you to find perfect car

How Autocom Works

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    Choose the desired day and time of the trip and a convenient place to pick up the car.
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    Choose additional services
    Choose the additional services you need, take advantage of the available discount and use the accumulated loyalty points.
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    Fill in the required data
    Fill in the required data, log in to your AUTOCOM account, where you will be able to see the history of all orders and available discounts.
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    Choose the right payment method
    Choose the most suitable payment method and your car reservation will be confirmed!



AUTOCOM – companions on your way! With the use of AUTOCOM vehicle – embark on a comfortable, safe and extremely pleasant trip. We save you precious time, so you can make a car rental reservation very easily without leaving your home: on our website or in the mobile app AUTOCOM GO. We have renounced paper contracts – all for your convenience and costly time savings.

We are constantly updating the car offer and renting only the newest cars, not older than 3 years. Our team is interested in the latest technologies and loves cars, so we maintain each car as our own. All cars are extremely clean and in good technical condition. We have adapted the rental offer to your needs – you can choose from economy, compact, medium, standard, SUV and minivan class cars. We also offer passenger and freight minibus rental.