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AUTOCOM GO terms and conditions


All of the cars hired by AUTOCOM Car Rental are new. The cars are divided into groups.
During the reservation you may choose a car by make and model or by group. Available group cars (models) are indicated on the website.
The lessor reserves the right to change the reserved car into another car of the same or higher group (in case of an accident or technical breakdown).


In case of technical breakdown the lessor undertakes to provide the renter with a replacement car in the shortest possible period of time. Help line works 24/7.


Minimum car hire/rental term is 24 hours, maximum – unlimited.


Car rental prices are indicated for the day. Rental day means 24 hours from the beginning of taking possession of the car. Indicated prices are final, there are no additional or hidden fees. The price includes: compulsory vehicle civil liability, CASCO and passenger insurance. In exceptional cases the price may change: regarding the hire/rental period and the amount of kilometers driven for trips abroad. All car prices include VAT.


Deposit for cars is €300 – €600, for passenger or cargo minibuses is €600. The amount of the deposit is equal to the Lessee’s responsibility in case of traffic accident, theft or third party activity. The deposit is blocked (authorized) on the Lessee’s bank card (VISA, VISA ELECTRON or MASTERCARD). Note: the deposit might stay blocked (authorized) on the bank card for the period of 14-21 days (depending on the bank’s policy), starting from the day it was blocked.


All rented cars are insured with vehicle civil liability and CASCO insurance for rented cars, valid in the entire geographical area of Europe. The renter or any other person liable to drive a vehicle are insured with the compulsory vehicle civil liability insurance which compensates body injuries for up to €2 500 000, as well as damage for property for up to €500 000. Civil liability insurance covers material and health damage for another accident participant and third party persons.

CASCO insurance in case of an accident – covers damage caused to the rented car regardless of who causes the accident.
CASCO insurance in case of car theft – covers damage in case of car theft. Compulsory condition – the documents and keys of the hired/rented car have to be delivered to AUTOCOM, otherwise insurance protection shall not be valid.
Passenger insurance from accidents: every rented vehicle is additionally insured with passenger insurance which covers damage in case of death – €7 240, and in case of disability – €15 000.
Unconditional franchise/liability for cars – €300 – €600 Eur, for passenger and cargo minibuses – €600.


In case of an accident when the renter is the liable person or in another case of car damage when there is no liable person, in cases where the car’s glass and tires are damaged the renter compensates unconditional franchise/liability amount which is not covered by the insurance company, from the deposit. In order to reduce the renter’s liability to €0 we offer to get additional insurance.

Additional insurance price is €7 – €20 a day, depending on the car and renter’s driving experience.

If you purchase an additional insurance, the deposit is only charged for the Fuel Tank – from 70 – 100 EUR.

Minimum price of additional insurance for cars is €35, for passenger and cargo minibuses is €90.

Maximum price of additional insurance for cars is €100, for passenger and cargo minibuses is €200 for the entire period of hire/rent.


This kind of insurance reduces your responsibility till €0 only for windscreen, lights and tires in case of damage. Insurance price – € 3,5 a day.

DRIVING RESTRICTIONS. Minimal drivers age – 21, driving experience when renting cars is 1 year, when renting passenger and cargo minibuses – 3 years. Driving abroad with a rental car is only possible upon a written consent of the lessor. A fine of €1150 is applied for willful departure abroad without the lessor’s permission.

For all drivers under 23 year old is applicable 7€ a day fee.


There is a limited mileage for rentals up to 3 days. For all rentals more than 3 days we do not apply limited mileage. These terms are valid by using a car in district of Lithuania.


In order to conclude a car rental agreement it is necessary to provide a personal identification document and a valid driver’s license.


The cars are picked up/returned at AUTOCOM LT office in Vilnius, Savanorių pr. 129, in AUTOCOM Car Rental offices of Vilnius and Kaunas airports during the working hours – free of charge. Working hours:

AUTOCOM Car Rental offices and pickup locations:


Central Office in Vilnius: Savanorių pr. 129, Phone +370 659 322 22.

Business Hours: Mon – Fri 8.00 AM – 6.00 PM

Sat – Sun 9.00 AM – 4.00 PM

Our branch at Vilnius International Airport is located in the arrival hall B (first floor). Phone +370 659 322 22.

Our branch at Kaunas airport is located in the former passenger terminal along with all other car rental companies. Follow the directions CAR RENTAL” upon arrival at Kaunas Airport. Phone +370 659 82310.

Our branch in Klaipėda is located at Šilutės pl. 2, Phone +370 630 099 71.

AUTOCOM Car Rental office at Palanga airport at 1st arrival hall., Phone +370 630 09971.



AUTOCOM Car Rental Meet&Greet service is availabe at Riga and Tallinn airports, the arrival hall.

Phone +370 659 322 22.

Business Hours: Mon – Fri 8.00 AM – 6.00 PM

Sat – Sun 9.00 AM – 4.00 PM


Working days 20:00 iki 08:00.

Weekends 16:00 iki 09:00.

Holiday days.

Car pick up/return in Vilnius and Kaunas cities at the address indicated by a client is charged €10 during working hours, and €15 after working hours. In other towns – by agreement.


Vilnius – Kaunas, Kaunas – Vilnius: €15;

Vilnius – Klaipėda, Palanga: €60;

Vilnius – Šiauliai: €50;

Kaunas – Klaipėda, Palanga: €50;

Kaunas, Klaipėda, Palanga – Šiauliai: €40;

Vilnius, Kaunas, Šiauliai, Klaipėda, Palanga – Riga: €100;

Vilnius, Kaunas, Šiauliai, Klaipėda, Palanga – Tallinn: €270;

Riga – Tallinn, Tallinn – Riga: €250.



The cars are picked up with a full fuel tank and must be returned with a full fuel tank as well. In case of not returning a car with a full fuel tank a €15 refueling service fee will apply and the client will have to pay for the lacking amount of fuel according to the petrol-station receipt.


We additionally offer for rent GPS mobile navigation, child seats, roof racks with rails.

Prices: Child seats – €3/day.

GPS – €3/day.

Roof rack – €4.50/day.

For a rental period longer than 10 days child seats and GPS – €15 for entire period.

One child seat is free of charge for clients who own an AUTOCOM LT car hire discount card.


You may book a car on our website www.autocomcarrental.com, by e-mail info@autocomcarrental.com or telephone +370 659 322 22. When you complete a reservation you will get a reservation confirmation which will be sent to your e-mail address or you will be contacted by phone. In order to book a car for the same day hire/rental orders are only accepted by phone + 370 659 322 22.

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